Yarra Valley Snails

fast food isn't our style, slow down and taste a snail
snailsYarra Valley Snails (YVS) was founded in November 2005 after what I call a ‘BFO’, a BFO??? you say, yes a Blinding Flash of the Obvious.

Totally by accident ( or was it??) I caught the tail end of an SBS TV show describing a wonderful woman and her snail farm, Ross Hill Cool Climate Snails, in Orange NSW.

I don’t usually have the TV on at that time let alone watch SBS, but a friend was cooking me dinner and he just loves the sound of the TV chattering away as he creates what he thinks is a culinary delight.

Some might say me embarking on this farming endeavour might be a mid life crisis, destiny, serendipitous, whatever you call it YVS was established.

Yarra Valley Snails is located in the shadow of the beautiful Cathedral Range, just out of Buxton in Victoria. Here the snails live and grow happily munching their way through fresh cucumbers, lettuce, carrots and of course their favourite dish of oats and bran.

They are free to do what snails do best, which for those of you who think these little gastropods are just a nuisance, is eat and have sex. Yep these little suckers mate like there’s no tomorrow. They can have sex for as long as 10-14 hours.

So the journey has began and although it’s early days for the business it is exciting working with the snails, developing new recipes and talking with customers about this wonderful product.